About Jenny

This site is helping me work towards my goal of opening a brick & mortar art space in Rogers Park, Chicago that sells general art supplies, art kits, offers a place to test those supplies, ask questions in an easy environment, & has art classes & workshops for adults & teens. It will act as a community hub for art/art adjacent clubs & a meeting place for those who need it.

Photo of me making a silly face

I taught art in two Chicago public high schools (and one after school program) for 20 years & I like to think I learned a few things.

Selling these kits online before I open in person is teaching me a lot & will hopefully be a way for me build momentum & start to understand the various needs of a wider audience of people beyond teenagers!

I value shopping at independent, local shops & my hope is that enough other people do too. The flavor & community focused vibe these places bring to a neighborhood is invaluable & I really hope that people can limit their online chain buying to only things they can't find in person. I do think the online space has been amazing for the disabled & so I don't want it to go away, but I think things can even out. There is no reason that Amazon needs to be larger than its name implies.

This web site is for anyone who wants to play & experiment (or knows someone who does) & experience the process & joy of making. My goal is to facilitate by choosing materials that will be fun, not frustrating, and that include everything you might need to get started. No more excuses - go make stuff :)