February Newsletter

February Newsletter

This month I am trying to manifest my in-person store. How cool would it be to have a small, independent, in-real-life store where you could go for your art supply needs in ROGERS PARK, CHICAGO? And I know you have needs. A new brush perhaps? Trying out a new brand of watercolors? Modeling clay anyone? 1, 2, or 10 new pens? Questions? How DO you transfer a drawing to a canvas? How does ink compare to watercolor, to gouache, to acrylic paint? What is gouache? How do you make a relief print? What’s the best paper for my alcohol markers? What’s the difference between hot press & cold press papers? How do I get this paint out of my pants?


Imagine a space where you could TEST art supplies, ASK QUESTIONS from a former art teacher, take CLASSES & workshops to LEARN new skills, be inspired & MEET new people, have FREE space for your knitting club, your comic illustration meetup, your book club? JOIN a crafty teen night, a BYOC (bring your own craft) night, an arty book club or art book exchange night, an over 40 make sh$t night?


Or maybe you’re an artist & want to teach your craft?


My dream is to be a community hub where people come to hang out, talk about art, make art, learn about art & buy things they need to make art.


I really want to gauge interest & gather ideas.
Please, please click on the button to answer a few questions (2 minutes). Everyone will get a coupon & I'll mail a small gift (hint: it's probably an art material or something handmade - you choose) to one person who fills this out (chosen at random)!
AND... share this newsletter so I can get as many ideas as possible! They can sign up or not to get the next one.


(Update, the drawing is over, but the coupon is still good!)



Featured Artist

3 people, each covered head to toe in a different Nick Cave Soundsuit


Nick Cave

Nick Cave is a Chicago artist - these are 3 of his Soundsuits. Maybe you saw his retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art? Here is a link to a 3 minute Art21 video, but you might also want to watch a performance so you can hear them & see them move.

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